Four Samosas (2022) | Movie Review

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Four Samosas (2022) | Movie Review

Hello everyone it’s Aakib from MyMovieReview and I’m here to review Four Samosas. This is from writer and director Ravi Kapoor. It focuses on the South Asian American rapper.

Who’s down in the dumps after losing out on the girl of his dreams to some new guy? They’re now engaged to and his father owns a grocery store. Therefore, this young rapper and three of his friends are gonna steal from this grocery store and shake things up and try to break up.

This is quite the fun little crime comedy and here’s the thing it feels Wes Anderson-y that kind of like an Indie symmetrical slow motion bright palette kind of indie film that has a lot of South Asian tinges to it that brings a lot out of it.

Venk Patula plays Vinnie our main character. He’s charismatic we like him. He doesn’t always make the best decisions but you know we’re still in this corner. They have a lot of fun music in Four Samosas. That I enjoyed quite a bit those interludes where we got to have them performing were a lot of fun. Then you have his crew who are a lot of fun and Nirvan Patnaik and this little group.

They’re not always the strongest actors you could tell that they’re young and still learning. However, they’re charming and they’re endearing enough that you want to get behind them. They have an interesting dynamic with each other’s characters thrown in there

Sanjay is the new fiancee of our main character’s ex-girlfriend. It’s played by Karan Sony.

Who’s always a delight and a great film, you have this that’s got the beats of a heist film, and even a little bit of fun with the expectations of it, as well as hitting regular beats, and fresh and different about it but the journey is so much fun and Ravi Kapoor put so much energy and just vibrance into his direction.

This young cast does a great job, even if sometimes they’re a little off or acting little too hard characters. You have a fun Heist. Some of the comedy is a little juvenile low brow but sometimes you get a good laugh as well. You have some fun interesting balance of all these things that add up to a decent and fun little film.

That has some laughs and it has some heart. I think it’s worth your time. IFC has a nice little addition here and I would definitely recommend it. However, those are my thoughts on Four Samosas. Please let me know what you think.

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