Spoiler Alert (2022) | Movie Review

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Spoiler Alert (2022) | Movie Review

Spoiler alert: the newest Jim Parsons movie and the newest movie that I can throw into that tearjerker category the movie where you watch it only because you know you’re gonna cry but Marley and I are The Faults in Our Stars. Now the spoiler alert.

I was able to see Spoiler Alert a little bit early for you guys. I’m here to give you my honest no BS non-spoiler review for you. Today and tell you if it’s worth a watch make sure you stick around to the end so you know my rating of the film. You know the secret phrase to leave in the comment section down below. So, that I know that you made it to the end of the video now let’s begin.

So, Spoiler Alert is directed by Michael Showalter and you know him from such films as the big sick. Last year he directed the eyes of Tammy Faye and it stars Jim Parsons Ben Aldridge and Sally Field. The story is about a gay couple dealing with one of them being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I guess you know why the movie is called spoiler alert but the question you want to be answered is whether or not.

This movie is actually worth a watch and to answer that question it’s a bit tough or it’s not necessarily a pleasant experience it’s not a pleasant story to see.

The movie is just there to evoke sadness so it’s not a pleasant movie to watch but in terms of the film school report card if I’m really putting on my glasses and really grading this movie.

This movie is just so okay because what do you even say like you go down the entire film school report card you go how’s the acting it was okay. How’s the directing it was okay. How’s the story it’s okay. How are the characters they’re okay? How’s the pacing it’s okay. Everything is just so okay not good, not bad, not awful, not amazing.

What do you say this could be the shortest review ever and I can just go. This movie’s okay but I’ll say this I have no problem with the movie being depressing even though it’s gonna be hard for me to recommend it to people because generally speaking.

When you go to a theatre you want to be excited you want to feel scared if you go to a horror movie you want to laugh. When you see comedy but when you do see a drama movie you do want that Human highlights some of the negative aspects of living.

There’s a lot of death. There’s a lot of turmoil. There are a lot of hurts when it comes to life obviously we all have to go through it but you know movies are about escapism and sometimes. Going to a movie theatre to escape your normal life you don’t want to necessarily be depressed so that’s why it’s hard for me to recommend movies like this but for me personally.

I have no problem going into depressing movies like for example the whale and the Sun or two movies recently. Where I’ve had this kind of the same conundrum but those movies felt powerful those movies felt like they had a message to say they had something a statement it made an impact after you walked out of that theatre.

This movie really didn’t though there’s really no impact here and the movie was trying to do this thing where Jim Parsons would do this like I wish that my life was a sitcom and then they’d have some cutaways.

I’m thinking myself. I should be laughing at these moments but none of the jokes really worked for me and also when the movie is really trying to evoke those really depressing moments. Where the audience is supposed to be like crying.

I really didn’t find it that sad only because I really didn’t get a chance to really understand and know this couple. I felt like they didn’t really have much chemistry and as soon as the movie starts you know exactly.

How it’s going to end right the movie is called spoiler alert you know that this movie is going to be very depressing you know the outcome and you know the message. It’s just kind of a matter of getting there and the movie doesn’t give you any twists and turns.

The movie doesn’t give you any really big laughs and doesn’t really give you any big memorable moments to get there. So, it’s just kind of a familiar ride with no big ups and downs no big powerful statements, it’s just kind of a like.

I said earlier a very okay movie now there was one scene. Where I got very teary-eyed. That’s when the parents of the guy who is dying find out about it. They’re in tears and they give them a big hug and it’s just like okay that moment hit me.

I’m getting older and seeing parents hug their kids knowing that their kid only has a certain amount of time left that shouldn’t happen right the parents are supposed to go and then the kids are supposed to move on that’s how it’s supposed to go right so seeing that you know your kid is about to die you know it’s sad it’s gonna get everybody but that’s really the only standout moment in the movie.

There’s one moment where Jim Parsons does his Oscar speech right you know he’s talking about how there are no beds in the hospital for his husband and he’s going. I want a bed for my husband you know he’s in aggravating pain and I love him so much.

I’m thinking okay this is like the Oscar speech moment but you know what’s funny though is that the guy who heard him goes wow and the Oscar goes too. So, I said you know what that’s pretty funny because the film knows exactly what the audience was thinking those are the only standout moments in the entire movie.

The whole coming out is a gay scene. I’ve seen it a million times. I’ve seen it done with better comedic timing with better laughs when they did it here it just felt very empty, it felt very Bland it felt kind of boring it didn’t feel like it really had anything to say anything special about this movie.

I don’t know how often. I can say that this movie’s just okay enough until. I give you the rating which is right here this movie is just okay two out of five. I can’t really think of other ways to say it but this movie is not good. This movie’s not bad.

The movie’s just that’s it. I apologize like I said watching movies that are just so okay and then trying to figure out what to say about them in a review it’s tough to do because the movie doesn’t give you enough to really chew on but those are my thoughts on spoiler alert.

If you have seen the movie let me know yours know in the comment section down below and I want to say thank you guys so much.

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