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Looking for some exciting adventures on the big screen? Disney has you covered with Strange World. A movie that strangely had almost zero advertising and for some reason didn’t air on Disney Plus. Let’s talk about it.

Critics Review For Strange World

My Opinion For Strange World

I only bring up the Disney Plus thing because I feel like this strange world is not a movie that’s going to do very well in theatres. This is as I stated.

It had almost no marketing push behind it. It’s a known property and people just don’t seem to be going to movies anymore unless it’s something they’re familiar with. This is kind of a shame because Strange World’s not a bad movie by any means. It’s actually pretty solid.

This is going to be a spoiler-free video so don’t worry I’m not going to ruin any of the twists and turns that are in this and you know what there are actually a couple of cool twists that make this movie interesting and it keeps it from being your standard stock adventure film where different generations of heroes learn a lesson from one another.


Now, it does have that but the way it does it I think is a touch clever because it moves beyond some of your basic tropes Dennis Quaid plays Jaeger Clade he’s an adventurer that’s all he’s known for that’s all he knows and he’s damn adept at it he takes his son as he playfully refers to as Searcher everywhere with him on his Misadventures Searchers voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal who I honestly thought was voiced by Paul Rudd I didn’t know until I looked it up on IMDb but the whole movie I’m like that’s got to be Paul it’s just a like not a problem I’m just pointing it out father Clayton and his son don’t see eye to eye. They’re very different individuals.

When Searcher’s Dad wants to explore beyond the mountain peaks and Searcher sees that there’s something that could help their planet survive they butt heads and tragedy strikes.

The movie then jumps forward to a completely brand-new world built up by Searcher and his findings all those years earlier. We have put all our energy-producing crops into one basket and, once we produce a cold, the planet as we know it may die off and it is now up to us all these years later to begin once again on a quest to solve this problem.

Along the way, he and his team will discover some beautiful Vistas, strange creatures, and exotic locations. It’s all rendered beautifully in that top-tier artistry that Disney’s known for in the movies. Also paced pretty well too it’s an hour and 45 minutes long. It could probably be shaved off a bit, but as it stands, it has a very enjoyable pace.

There’s a ton of messaging here. It’s not subtle in the slightest about environmentalism and how we’re destroying the planet. A story about different generations of fathers pushing their baggage and their hopes and dreams on their children in order to attain the highest level of success for themselves.

But not really listening or paying attention to the kid. Instead, they are being selfish. It’s all there it’s all very obvious. The thing that’s probably pissing people off which has often been the case lately with Disney as they try to branch out and try to tell different types of stories and involve different types of people is the sun is gay. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It’s not talked about much; there are only two scenes in total. But I know it’s enough to piss people off and it’s clear why the movie is at a 65% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.


I’m bringing this up not to bash anyone but as a public service announcement so you know what to expect. In case you’re thinking about taking your kid and you feel uncomfortable with that sort of thing or trying to explain it, there you have it. For me, this movie was pretty solid. It wasn’t anything amazing by any means but it was honestly better than I thought it would be. I was expecting a pretty straightforward affair.

There are a couple of twists and turns that keep you invested and thinking oh wow I didn’t see that coming. I like what they did here Bravo let’s move on there are some fun side characters the son who I mentioned he’s definitely the most disappointing part of the film.

I find him a little annoying. He goes out of his way to do dumb things and makes it frustrating for both the kids and adults in the room. Do I suggest you see the movie? No, this is a movie you can watch at home. I don’t think it needs to be seen in the movie theatre. There’s just not enough there for me to say yeah, you should definitely go out and watch this.

That’s all I have to say about Strange World. It’s a solid film, nothing that’s about to set the world on fire. It looks pretty and sounds great gets in and out pretty quickly and entertained me. So, it did its job all right. Those are my thoughts on Strange World.

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