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My Opinion For Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The new Netflix series, Glass onion: a knife-out mystery, was written and directed by Ryan Johnson.

They’ve already announced a third film that’s in development following detective Benoit Blanc played by Daniel Craig in this film. The famed Southern detective travels to Greece for his latest case.

Initially what seems like it could be a potentially fun weekend on a private island owned by reclusive billionaire Miles Braun played by Edward Norton soon becomes a murder mystery when someone on the island turns up dead just like the first one.

This movie has an incredible cast with the people I’ve already mentioned plus Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Janelle Monae, Catherine Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr and Jessica Henwick along with some truly amazing cameos. Glass Onion: A knife-out mystery is everything that I wanted it to be.

I was a huge fan of Knives Out. I’ve watched it many times and I think it’s just absolutely terrific it’s one of Ryan Johnson’ I think it’s just absolutely terrific it’s one of Ryan Johnson’s most memorable movies and I was afraid that a sequel would not be able to top or equal it and I can say that I like Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery at least as much as Knives Out.

I need to watch it many more times before I can decide which one I prefer but I think they’re at least equally entertaining. This is a really funny movie.


It’s also very different from knives out. There’s only a handful of similar things that follow the structure that works so well and knives out and those are non-linear storytelling.

You have some information that’s revealed to you, you flashback, you understand things you didn’t quite get before and things changed that you didn’t fully understand before.

You have one character that’s kind of pitted against a bunch of things that happened in the first film and that happen again here. Besides that, it’s a very different movie.

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc is one of my favourite new characters in modern movies period. I love this character so much and they do so many fun things with him in this movie. It’s also one of the very first times that we get to see even a taste of his personal life. I loved what they did with him.

I won’t get into too much of it for fear of spoilers or ruining the fun for you guys but there is one thing that I don’t consider a spoiler that they examine with him and that is just how much money he earns from this kind of job.

He’s dealing with Edward Norton’s character who’s a billionaire. He has a private island and all of these insane things and so naturally someone who is nowhere even close to that level of money is walking around feeling like they’re on a different planet. I thought it was kind of adorable.

It’s hard to explain but Benoit Block in this movie at times can be very much like a fish out of water for a large portion of this movie. He doesn’t fully understand this world.

That is very entertaining to watch someone who is normally so completely on top of things and extremely intelligent kind of fumble around a little bit. Of course, things are happening under the surface and things you learn later give some of these moments greater impact which I love. I can’t wait for you guys to see there’s one thing that.

I think Glass Onion: a knives out mystery does for sure better than the first and that it is going to change a lot on the second viewing.

The first film has moments like that that are enhanced once you know things that are going on just like any great murder mystery. But this one in particular so much of it changes once you know things that are going on under the surface. On second viewing I can’t wait to pick out some of the things that Ryan Johnson peppered throughout this brilliant script.

It’s also the type of script that makes you feel kind of inferior when you watch it. You see all these things that he hid in plain sight. Which comes into the narrative itself. So much of the narrative is about things that are in plain sight that we aren’t paying attention to but are right in front of us.

Johnson does that with the dialogue wardrobe with things that are integral to the movie that is just around and you see them all the time but out of all the cast.

I found Janelle Monae to be the most impressive performer in the film not just in performance but in the depth that Johnson gave that character. She has so much to work with but her character gets consistently more interesting as the film goes along.

She’s shrouded in mystery for like the first half of the movie and things get interesting at the midpoint. I was very much so on board but at the midpoint, the film just reveals itself to be something really beautiful.


That of course comes into the title Glass Onion: a knives out mystery. There’s a lot of discussion about an onion peeling away and finding all the layers. It’s also part of this island itself. There is an actual thing called The Glass Onion: a knives out mystery.

There was a bar that some of these characters went to. So similar to the first film we have a location that has a structure in it that relates to the title with this second film you can see the sort of ideas he has for the way the franchise would work.

I just love that this franchise exists. I’m so excited for more. I think that this is just such a cool thing. We have a brand new detective franchise and people really like it. Because I felt like as a kid I was like this weirdo who would watch like Mrs Marple and like old Sherlock Holmes VHS’s and stuff from the library. So, the fact that a big series like this is happening right now.

I’m just very excited about that because the Hercule Perot stuff it’s fine you know Kenneth Brano is doing a good job with those but they’re nowhere near this level.

I will also say to stay through the end credits no there wasn’t an after-credit scene at this screening but there is a song credit that is so funny now that I know who was performing something in the movie so look out for that keep your eyes peeled during the song credits part uh it’s very very funny and it really changed something for me looking back on the movie.

I’m also overjoyed that I got to see this in a theatre and then I didn’t watch it at home on Netflix. I’m so happy that Netflix is doing this one-week run and what is it 600 theatres or something? Please go, see this in a theatre. The fact that Netflix is offering to pay for the movie in a theatre is great.

Please let them know that we really appreciate their kindness. We’ll make sure that we blow them away with how much money this movie can make in just a week.

I really want to see this continue to happen for Netflix movies where filmmakers get the opportunity to have their movies in a theatre.

I know it’s not going to happen for all of them of course but if Netflix just even thinks that that’s a viable option and then we show them that I really think we could have a future where a lot more Netflix films end up in theatres at least for a while and that’s going to be great for the theatre business and the future of films in general.

The types of movies I like seeing made are these big movies that aren’t about superheroes or comic books or Star Wars. But there’s just money on the screen all over this film. We need more movies like that. I can’t wait for you guys to see this one.

I think it’s great. I loved it. I’ve got no complaints it’s awesome thank you Ryan Johnson for just a great sequel. I’m so happy right now. I wonder if I liked it guys thank you so much as always.


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