Violent Night (2022) | Movie Review

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Violent Night (2022) | Movie Review

My Opinion For Violent Night

What’s going on big fam Big Ken talks Christmas black comedy action film Violent Night directed by Tommy Wirkola whose name may not ring a bell to most of you guys unless you watched 2013’s Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters.

You just happen to catch and stick to memory the director’s name but that’s okay because that’s actually not the name that I want you guys to pay attention to anyway.

The person who I want you guys to focus on is actually one of the producers on Violent Night David Lights.

Who is that guy too easy I got you to have you guys happened to see a series of movies starring Keanu Reeves is called John Wick yeah well he co-directed and produced the first chapter of what I would call one of the best action franchises since Die Hard.

It is a Christmas movie too by the way. But most importantly that guy is attached as a producer to this film Violent Night. The film also stars David Harbor and John Leguizamo.

I say all that because I want you guys to understand what kind of movie you’re getting yourself into if the trailer doesn’t already do that for you just in case you are unaware the premise is straight-forward a group of mercenaries attack a wealthy family Estate and Santa Claus played by David Harbor has to take a break from his busy night in order to save the day if you guys are thinking that sounds way out there or weird or whatever the case just listen I watched the movie and I definitely have my thoughts.

Violent Night (2022) | Movie Review

Let’s talk about them all right fam just go ahead and say hello to your new favourite Santa Claus okay maybe not your favourite but definitely an iteration you haven’t had this much fun with before at least in a while if not ever David Harbor as Santa Claus or at least this version of a badass ass kicking Rambo one man army is the best Christmas gift I never asked for.

I mean it makes sense that he could play Santa Claus. He’s a big guy and he can be a little goofy but Harbor is also a little gruff. You know what I mean. He just looks like he could be a little rough around the edges right? That edge is exactly what was needed for this type of Santa Claus and Violent Knight.

This is not your Tim Allen Santa Claus. Not even your Kurt Russell Santa who if I’m being honest might be able to throw down too but Violent Night. Come on guys it says it in the title. It has to be Violet. Harbor brings all the violence in this action movie.

Now I’m not gonna say that the violence in the gore in this movie because there is definitely some gore I’m not gonna say it’s over the top if anything I feel like they toned it down violent night definitely could have been way more violent and allowed a lot more Carnage like to push the envelope but like I said they decided to pull it in and I think that was a conscious decision to reel in the actual amount of violence.

I think y’all will come to appreciate violent night doesn’t seem to be interested in being gory just for the sake of being gory. I mean the movie violent night does have its moments but one scene, in particular, is ouch. However, the violence in the movie is not going in any way to outshines the story.

Again think John Wick and honestly maybe also Home Alone two movies are known for their violence if you don’t think Home Alone is a violent movie.

I challenge y’all to re-watch the first two again those movies can be violent but bringing it back to violent night reminds me of those two movies put together. I definitely feel like just touched throughout the film some sequences are going to give you some John Wick Vibes or 2021’s Nobody Vibes that light also worked on.

Then you’re gonna get the Home Alone feel. I mean first off it’s Christmas and then there are some setups I feel pay homage to the Classic Home Alone films and just like those Home Alone films.

I don’t want to forget to mention violent night is an incredibly funny movie just in all its ridiculousness which harbour absolutely embraces. I mean even if you just sit for a second and think about how this movie is a Rambo version of Santa Claus in a home-alone film.

I mean that alone just thinking about that is putting a smile on my face because yes you are right the concept is strange it’s weird dumb ridiculous that’s all valid but at the end of the day it’s also funny all the character dynamics within violent night are flawlessly performed or at least performed to what you would come to expect with the rated R Christmas movie full of Bloodshed violent night is still at its core a Christmas movie so the common Christmas themes that every Christmas movie has it’s still present within this film

However, that doesn’t mean you should probably take little Susie in third grade to watch this movie that would be inappropriate not unlike a lot of the jokes and themes in this movie. But Violent Night isn’t catered to be a family movie that’s not its end goal in any way shape or form.

In its purest form, the violent night is an action comedy. It’s a gory one but still an action comedy and even with the Christmas themes and tones woven throughout it’s not like the film means heavily into those and there’s no need for that you know because the film doesn’t have to be a deep Christmas Story with a heartfelt lesson.

After all, let’s be real that’s not why we’re watching violent guys, bam Violent Night is a good time. I had an absolute blast watching this movie, and I suggest you guys watch this movie in theatres.

Violent Night (2022) | Movie Review

David Harbor is easily one of my top favourite Santas right now. I just love the edge and toughness he brought in the Jolly red suit. He absolutely kicked some serious ass which just brought a huge thought to my face watching him go through the scene to scene taking down all these mercenaries again best Christmas gift.

I didn’t know I wanted Violent Night to be jam-packed with action and comedy and of course again folks it’s in the title violence there’s a lot of it you’ll love it but even with that it’s not over the top it’s not too much to take away from the story honestly. I think you’ll feel like it’s just the right amount of violence if there is a scale for that type of thing the movie is hilarious a lot of that falling on Harbor stand up because he is absolutely carrying the film on his back which oddly enough seems appropriate.

Although I probably shouldn’t have started with that before making you guys, I still appreciate your attention. This movie probably has many flaws, but hey, Christmas is my favourite time of year. Some of my favourite Christmas movies are Gremlins, Krampus, and of course, Die Hard.

At the end of the day, violent Night isn’t taking itself that seriously so neither should you. It leans into the ridiculousness of the situation and the concept of the whole movie so just allow yourself to fall in if you do I’m sure y’all will have a damn good time and for a good amount of you guys I can absolutely see Violent Night being an annual watch right there next to Die Hard because it will be for me but those are just my thoughts I want to know yours what’s your favourite Christmas movie let me know down below.


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